Help with paying your council tax


All instalments are due on or before the due dates shown on your bill. If instalments are not paid on time you may lose the right to pay by monthly instalments resulting in the full remaining balance for the year becoming due straight away.

If you have missed an instalment please see our information on unpaid council tax.

The default instalment plan for your annual council tax is 10 instalments over the financial year, from April to January inclusive. If you are sent a bill during the year please be aware that your number of instalments will be fewer. If you pay by direct debit over 10 instalments, please note that you do not need to cancel your direct debit once the final payment is made. Once your balance is paid we will not request any payment until the first instalment of your next year's bill.

12 instalments
When you receive your annual bill, you can request to pay your council tax over 12 monthly instalments instead of 10, so that you pay each month over the financial year from April to March.  If you are sent a bill during the year, please be aware that your instalments will be spread over the remaining months up to and including March.

To apply to pay over 12 months please complete the online form. If you apply to pay over 12 instalments and this is accepted we will send you a new bill showing your new payments and when they are due.

Other instalment plans
You may also wish to pay your council tax annually (1 April), or half yearly (1 April and 1 October). To pay by these plans, please contact us.

Make a payment arrangement

If you have outstanding arrears of council tax and are finding it difficult to pay the amount in one payment, we may be able to set up an arrangement for you to make those payments across a period of months.  You can apply for an arrangement and we will assess whether you are able to make alternative payments.  You will need your council tax account number and be prepared to fill in details about your income and your expenditure (bills etc.) 

To apply for a payment arrangement to clear arrears of council tax, please complete the online form.

Money off your bill

There are some discounts and disregards that mean you may be able to reduce the amount of council tax you have to pay, find out more about ways to reduce your bill on our website.

Council tax support

If you are on a low income, you may be entitled to council tax support.  Please find out more about council tax support on our website.


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