Council tax refund

As council tax payments are mostly paid in advance, where there is a change in your circumstances a credit may occur on your account. These credits can be refunded to you once they have been checked.

A refund will only be processed if your account is in credit and you do not owe any other amounts of council tax.

If you move within the borough, any credit on your previous address will usually be transferred to your new address. If you have moved outside the borough and have over paid then a refund will be arranged.

Reasons why you might have a credit:

  • A discount has been awarded

  • An exemption has been awarded

  • End of liability to pay council tax 

  • Council tax support has been awarded

  • Property banding alteration

  • Overpayment of council tax

If a council tax account is in joint names and payment is to be made to only one of the council tax payers, then written authorisation will be needed from the person not receiving the payment.

Our Commitment

We will respond to your request within 10 working days.

Any credit will be refunded within 14 days of the request being approved.

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