Local Housing Allowance

1 April 2020 update

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is a type of housing benefit which is only available to tenants who rent their homes from a private landlord. LHA is based on the location of the property and its household size rather than the actual rent being charged.

The Local Housing Allowance rate for your property will depend on which Broad Market Rent Area (BRMA) it is in. Elmbridge has 2 BRMA's, Walton and Outer South West London.

Walton BMRA rates (April 2020 - March 2021)

  • 1 bedroom/shared accommodation - weekly rate: £109.71, monthly rate: £476.72
  • 1 bedroom/self contained - weekly rate: £195.62,  monthly rate: £850.02
  • 2 bedrooms - weekly rate: £253.15, monthly rate: £1,100.00
  • 3 bedrooms - weekly rate: £310.68, monthly rate: £1,349.98
  • 4 bedrooms - weekly rate: £407.34, monthly rate:  £1,769.99

Outer South West London BMRA rates (April 2020 - March 2021) 

  • 1 bedroom/shared accommodation - weekly rate: £116.91, monthly rate: £508
  • 1 bedroom/self contained - weekly rate: £241.64, monthly rate: £1,049.98
  • 2 bedrooms - weekly rate:  £304.93, monthly rate: £1,324.99
  • 3 bedrooms - weekly rate: £368.22, monthly rate: £1,600.00
  • 4 bedrooms - weekly rate:  £494.79, monthly rate:  £2,149.98

Walton BMRA rates (up until 31 March 2019)

  • 1 bedroom/shared accommodation - weekly rate: £90.01, monthly rate: £391.11
  • 1 bedroom/self contained - weekly rate: £183.97, monthly rate: £799.39
  • 2 bedrooms - weekly rate:  £228.37, monthly rate: £992.32
  • 3 bedrooms - weekly rate: £276.67, monthly rate: £1,202.20
  • 4 bedrooms - weekly rate:  £382.64, monthly rate:  £1,662.66

Outer South West London BMRA rates (up until 31 March 2019)

  • 1 bedroom/shared accommodation - weekly rate: £92.78, monthly rate: £403.15
  • 1 bedroom/self contained - weekly rate: £222.54, monthly rate: £966.99
  • 2 bedrooms - weekly rate:  £280.60, monthly rate: £1,219.27
  • 3 bedrooms - weekly rate: £336.96, monthly rate: £1,464.17
  • 4 bedrooms - weekly rate:  £429.53, monthly rate:  £1,866.41  

Working out LHA

You will need to work out how many bedrooms you are entitled to claim housing benefit for and which area your property is in.

If you are single and under 35 you can only claim a shared room rate. Please ensure you check which area the property you live in or intend to rent is in. The Outer South West London Area is only a small part of Elmbridge.

How will I be paid?

Usually you will have your Local Housing Allowance paid directly to you. It is up to you to pay the rent to your landlord. If you don't pay your rent you may be evicted from the property. If you do not already have one, you will need to set up a bank account, that way you can pay the rent to your landlord by standing order or direct debit. You can get advice about opening and running a bank account from any bank or building society. You can also get advice from a welfare organisation such as Citizen Advice.

If you are worried about managing your money, ask us if we can help. In special cases we may be able to pay your rent to your landlord. We have a joint Safeguard Policy with Spelthorne and Runnymede Borough Councils. Please read the document if you would like us to consider paying your landlord directly. To make an application for direct payment, please complete:

Change of circumstances

If you move to a new address or other circumstances change, you should tell us straight away. You may need to make a fresh claim for Local Housing Allowance.

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