Consent to discuss your claim

I want someone to act on my behalf

Under the Data Protection Act it is an offence to discuss your personal details with someone else without your specific consent unless there is a legal reason to do so.

You can find further information by reading our privacy statement.

If someone has Power of Attorney over your affairs you are not required to give consent.  The person with Power of Attorney just needs to provide evidence from the court to show they have been appointed.

You can grant permission to share data in two ways:

  • Allowing someone to act on your behalf and access all your information via the Friends and Family section within your online account
  • Granting permission to share data with someone on a temporary basis or to resolve a specific issue.  This is known as Consent to Discuss.

Friends and family

You can share your account with friends and family once you have signed up to your account.  This enables them to look at the same information as you and taken any actions such as completing forms and reporting changes on your behalf.  Any information they provide must be accurate as they may be held accountable for any error if the information leads to an overpayment or an incorrect bill.  You can give authority to more than one person at a time and you may withdraw the permission at any time.

How to give access:

  • The person who you want to share your account with needs to register for an online account first
  • They only need to register their email address and click on the verification link
  • Log into your account
  • Click on your profile
  • Click on friends and family
  • Click on share my account
  • Enter their email address and click on Find account
  • If they have registered, their email address will appear
  • Click on Share
  • An email will be sent to their email address, they need to click on this and they can now access your claim details.

Consent to discuss

If you would like your landlord or a third party, suc as Citizens Advice Bureau, to help you with a specific query on your benefit account, please complete the consent to discuss form by registering or logging into your benefits account

  • Click on submit a request
  • Click on browse all forms
  • Click on consent to discuss account
  • Complete form and submit

 If you do not have access to the internet, please contact Customer Services on 011372 474474.


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