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Garden waste collection service 

The garden waste collection is an annual subscription service. We are improving the way we manage garden waste subscriptions, and annual renewals will start on 1 April 2023.  In the meantime, a pro rata payment service is in place until 31 March 2023.  We will contact subscribers early in 2023 about how to make an annual renewal payment. The service is subject to the garden waste terms and conditions. .

How much is the subscription fee until 31 March 2023?

The fee varies depending on the subscription month.

Prices between 21 November - 18 December

  • 1 bin service: £16.32 (concessions* £8.16)
  • 2 bin service: £31.00 (concessions* £15.50)
  • 3 bin service: £44.80 (concessions* £222.40)

 *Concessions may be awarded for residents in receipt of housing benefit or council tax support. You will need to provide your housing benefit reference number or council tax account number. If you apply for a concessionary rate and are not on council tax support or housing benefit we will cancel your request and may refer it to our Fraud team.

Do I buy the bin?

When you join the service, bins are provided on loan.  When you pay your subscription your garden waste bin(s) will be delivered within 14 working days.

How often is the bin collected?

Your garden waste will be collected fortnightly.  Please check your collection dates.

I have joined the service but I already have a bin, when can I start my collections?

The service activates within 7-10 working days, after payment is made.

If I cancel my subscription, what happens to the bin?

We will arrange for the bin(s) to be collected by the crew.

Size of garden waste bins

Standard bin (240 litre):

  • Height 110cm
  • Width 58 cm
  • Depth 73cm

What we collect

  • grass cuttings

  • garden prunings

  • leaves

  • small twigs

  • dead plants/weeds
  • branches up to 7cm (3") thick 

  • Christmas tree cut up (lid must close) 

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