Protecting a tree

We have an obligation to consider making Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) to protect trees where it is considered expedient and to review applications for tree works made under these Orders.

Trees must meet the following criteria before we can consider making a Tree Preservation Order:

  1. The tree must be of public amenity and not only of private benefit (it must be visible from a public space like a road or park).

  2. The tree must not have been mutilated in the past in a way that has removed its arboricultural amenity value.

  3. The tree is does not pose an unacceptable or un-manageable risk.

  4. The tree is capable of a reasonably long life.

  5. The tree is not located so close to a building that it would be unreasonable to refuse its removal if requested.

  6. The tree is under some form of threat, such as by proposed development, heavy pruning or removal.

If you would like to propose the protection of a tree that meets all of the above requirements, please complete a Planning Services Contact form and include the following information.

  • species e.g. Chestnut, Maple, Cedar

  • location

  • the reason why the tree is under threat

It is important to note that TPOs are not tools for preventing development and planning permission can override TPO legislation.

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