Dangerous trees

We are responsible for managing a large number of trees on land owned or managed by the Council and have a proactive Tree Risk Strategy in place to inspect trees in our management. Where trees present an unacceptably high risk to persons and property, remedial tree surgery works are ordered.

We are responsible for trees on the following sites:

  • cemeteries
  • Council-run car parks
  • commons, heathlands and countryside sites
  • day centres
  • open spaces
  • parks
  • recreation grounds

If you would like to report a dangerous or fallen tree on one of the above sites please contact Planning Services, and include:

  • your name and contact details
  • location of the dangerous tree
  • short description of the hazard e.g. fallen tree

If the tree is imminently dangerous please phone us on 01372 474474.

Any dangerous, nuisance or fallen trees located on social housing land in Elmbridge will need to be reported to PA Housing as they are the responsible managing party.  They can be contacted on 0300 123 2221.

Trees on road verges and adjacent to the highway are the responsibility of Surrey County Council.

Please report any dangerous or nuisance roadside trees to Surrey Country Council.

Protected dangerous trees

If a tree is deemed to pose an imminent danger and it is protected by a TPO or Conservation Area then please contact us on 01372 474474 and/or email Planning Services as soon as possible. It is always the tree owner's responsibility to make any dangerous tree safe whether it is protected by the Council or not

The tree's owner will need to arrange for the tree to be made safe and we always recommend you use a suitably qualified tree surgeon.  Works to make an imminently dangerous tree safe do not require an application.  You are, however, expected to give the Council 5 days' notices if it is safe to do so.

Please note that there is an automatic duty placed on the landowner to replace any protected trees removed because they are dangerous. This duty transfers to successive land owners.

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