With a vision of being a thriving and sustainable borough, we encourage residents, communities and local businesses not to idle while in your vehicle. This is because leaving your engine running while your car is stationary can have a significant impact on Elmbridge’s air quality.

Idling is where drivers leave their vehicle’s engine running while it is stationary. While this can often be the result of traffic, there are cases where you can turn your engine off, such as waiting at level crossings or waiting outside schools or businesses.

Potential risks of idling 

Car idling produces up to 150 balloons of exhaust emissions per minute, containing harmful chemicals.

Idling presents risks to drivers, as too much idling can damage your vehicle and idling for an hour can waste half a gallon or more of fuel. Drivers who are caught idling by our civil enforcement officers will be asked to turn off their engines and warned that failing to do so will lead to a fine.

What you can do

You can make a real difference by pledging to keep Elmbridge idle-free. By turning off your car, you can improve the air quality inside and outside your car, reduce health risks for yourself and others and make Elmbridge’s streets and level crossings nicer places to walk and cycle.

More information

For more information on the risks surrounding car idling, visit Idling Action London.

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