Sports Hub - update

August 2017

In the last few weeks the following works have taken place:


  • Plastering and decoration nears completion, along with the installation of floor coverings.

  • The final fix for the mechanical and electrical installations are being undertaken and will shortly be commissioned.

  • The installation of the bar and kitchen has been completed.

Running track and pitches (3G and grass) 

  • Irrigation of the turf training pitch and athletic field continues.

  • The erection of the fencing is ongoing, whilst the floodlights are awaiting commissioning.

Main drainage and landlord’s services 

  • The installation of landlord’s services has now been completed.


  • The treatment of the soil stockpile has been completed, whilst the landscaping continues around the site.

  • The top layer of the tarmac surfacing is ongoing.

In the next few weeks the following will take place: 


  • The pavilion will be completed, ready for fitting out with furniture and equipment.

Running track and pitches (3G and grass) 

  • The irrigation of the turf training pitch and athletic field will continue, along with the erection of the fencing.


  • The hard and soft landscaping will continue around the site.

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