Sports pitch hire

A selection of football pitches and cricket squares are available for hire in various locations across Elmbridge. Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis, either for a whole block booking playing season, occasional games or on an ad hoc basis.

Changing facilities are provided as part of the hiring.

To agree a booking in time, please contact us at the beginning of the season.

For more details and to arrange a booking please contact us.

Football pitches for hire

Football pitches for hire
 Venue  Pitch 1   Pitch 2   Pitch 3  Pitch 4
Cobham Recreation Ground  X  X    
Coronation Recreation Ground  X  X  X  80 yards x 50 yards (pitch 4)
Elm Grove Recreation Ground  X      
Long Ditton Recreation Ground  X  X  X  60 yards x 40 yards
Molesey Hurst Recreation Ground  X  X    
West End Recreation Ground   X  X  80 yards x 50 yards (Pitch 3)  
West Molesey Recreation Ground  X      


Football pitch hire rates 01/04/18 - 31/03/19
 Football  Charge 
 Senior game (casual) per game  £122.00
 Regulars* per game senior  £75.00
 Per season juniors 16 and under (casual)  £55.00
 Regulars per game juniors 16 and under  £32.00
 Regular mini pitch  £24.00
 Training  £52.00
 Pavilion only  £41.00


Additional football pitches available for hire

Xcel3 Synthetic Turf Pitch, a full-sized, floodlit, third generation synthetic turf football pitch at the Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex, Walton on Thames. To book a pitch at the Xcel Complex contact the centre on 01932 260300.

Xcel3 hiring fees
   Third (per hour)    Full (per hour)  
   Peak  Off peak  Peak Off peak 
non member  £50.40  £37.80  £97.80  £61.00
more card member   £42.00  £31.50  £81.50  £51.00
Kinetica member  £42.00  £31.50  £81.50  £51.00


Xcel3 hiring fees
   non member   more/
 Kinetica member 
 Offer applies to 
Match rate
(for a 2.5 hour
 £114.60  £95.50  Sat 12 noon-4pm
 Sun 10am-3pm
Casual pay and
play rate 




 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
 Sat/Sun 12 noon-6pm

For 16 and unders - during Half Terms and Summer Holidays)



Cricket squares for hire

The following cricket squares can be hired for junior or senior teams:

  • Coronation Recreation Ground

  • Long Ditton Recreation Ground   
  • Molesey Hurst Recreation Ground 
  • West End Recreation Ground                               

Cricket pitch hire - 01/04/18 - 31/03/19
 Cricket   Charge 
 Senior (casual) per game  £119.00
 Senior regular* per game  £94.00
 Junior casual  £60.00
 Junior regular  £40,00

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