A pre-election period will be in force from Friday 24 March 2023 to 10pm Thursday 4 May 2023 prior to the Elmbridge Borough and Claygate Parish elections. For six weeks before an election a pre-election period exists when we are unable to display community posters as we are required to display statutory notices only.

We maintain 29 noticeboards across the Borough.

These boards are updated with a variety of:

  • charitable or non-profit making community information

  • police and other partner organisation information

  • pre-election material.

Council-related posters take priority and other posters will be displayed if there is room.

Please noteThis is a free service and we are unable to guarantee all posters submitted will be displayed but we will make every effort to try.  

Display your notice

If you would like to display a notice:

  • please supply 29 copies of your notice, A5 portrait size (at least 4 weeks prior to your event if it is date specific)
  • send your notices to: Communications Team, Civic Centre, High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9SD
  • due to the popularity of the boards, we cannot guarantee that notices will be displayed for more than 2 weeks.

If you have any queries about what can be displayed please email 

Restrictions on use

We can display flyers for local, not-for-profit, charitable events, such as a village or church fete, school open day, amateur sports day or music concert. This includes educational, religious, cultural, recreational or social events (but not commercial events).

We cannot display information relating to political parties, activities promoting businesses or other profit making organisations or commercial advertising. 

For six weeks before an election a pre-election period exists when we are unable to display community posters as we are required to display statutory notices only.

Noticeboard volunteers

We are very grateful to our volunteers who ensure information supplied to the council is posted on the boards on a regular basis. If you are interested in volunteering to manage a noticeboard, please contact 

Public noticeboard locations

  • Claygate: Torrington Close (next to Parish Community noticeboard), Board no. 1
  • Cobham & Downside: Downside Common Road, Board no. 2
  • Cobham & Downside: Hollyhedge Road (next to Cobham Residents Association board), Board no. 3
  • Cobham & Downside: Portsmouth Road (near Recreation Ground), Board no. 4
  • Esher: West End, Winterdown Road (near Prince of Wales Public House), Board no. 5
  • Esher: High Street (near bus stop), Board no. 6
  • Hersham Village: Molesey Road (opposite Library), Board no. 7
  • Hersham Village: Mayfield Road Station Car Park, Board no. 8
  • Hersham Village: Hersham Green (opposite junction of Queens Road and Burwood Road), Board no. 9
  • Hinchley Wood & Weston Green: Manor Road North (opposite Station Approach), Board no. 10
  • Long Ditton: Junction of Sugden Road/Ewell Road, Board no. 11
  • Molesey East: Walton Road (outside Tesco Metro), Board no. 12
  • Molesey East: Manor Road (outside church), Board no. 13
  • Molesey West: Top of High Street junction with Walton Road (outside newsagents), Board no. 14
  • Molesey West: Central Square off Central Avenue, Board no. 15
  • Oatlands & Burwood Park: Oatlands Drive (opposite St Mary's Road), Board no. 16
  • Oxshott & Stoke D'Abernon: High Street, Oxshott, Board no. 17
  • Oxshott & Stoke D'Abernon: Near Cobham & Stoke D'Abernon Station (opposite newsagents), Board no. 18
  • Weybridge St George's Hill: Brooklands Road (near Weybridge Railway Station, next to bus stop), Board no. 19
  • Thames Ditton: Junction of Ashley Road and the High Street, Board no. 20
  • Walton North: Corner of Cottimore Lane and Cottimore Crescent (near shops), Board no. 21
  • Walton Central: Walton High Street (outside Santander), Board no. 22 
  • Walton North: Terrace Road (outside parade of shops), Board no. 23
  • Walton South: Halfway opposite Halfway Green, Board no. 24
  • Hinchley Wood & Weston Green: Hampton Court Way (opposite the Co-op), Board no. 25
  • Weybridge Riverside: Monument Green, Board no. 26
  • Weybridge Riverside: High Street (outside Library), Board no. 27
  • Weybridge Riverside: The Heath (junction of Brooklands Lane), Board no. 28
  • Weybridge Riverside: Cricket Common (Hanger Hill), Board no. 29

Other promotional ideas

In conjunction with using our noticeboards you may want to consider promotion using social media. Below are some hints and tips which may be useful.

  • Twitter: videos and images work well, consider character limit
  • Instagram: moving more to a video platform, hashtags work well.
  • Facebook: works best when posting into groups, try not to recycle posts, responds to new content, event function good to use. 

*information correct as of March 2023

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