Family support team

In 2011, the Government established the Troubled Families Programme; a programme of targeted intervention for families with multiple problems. In partnership with Spelthorne Borough Council and Surrey County Council (and then later Epsom and Ewell Borough Council), Elmbridge established the Family Support Team (FST). Its aim is to assist vulnerable families with a range of issues whether domestic abuse, mental health problems, financial issues or housing problems.

What makes the team different is the ‘TAF’ – the team around the family – this brings together support professionals from various sectors (health, social services, church groups, school teachers etc) to assist the family in creating an action plan to get them back on track. It is this intense support that allows the families to look forward to a brighter future. Since its creation in 2013, the team has helped over 540 families.

This is what our families say:
“ …we are stronger and more positive…”
“…things are a million times better…”
“Thank you”

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