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Core Strategy

What is it?

The Core Strategy is the most important document in |Elmbridge Local Plan. It sets out a long-term vision, spatial strategy and core policies for shaping the Borough's development up to 2026 and is key to the delivery of the |Elmbridge Sustainable Community Strategy.

When did it come into effect?

The Core Strategy was adopted by the Council on 20 July 2011. The Core Strategy should be read alongside the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) conformity statement until such time as the RSS is removed from the development plan.

Is it compatible with national planning policy?

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published in March 2012. The documents below include a self-assessment of the Core Strategy's compatibility with the NPPF and details of the impact of the NPPF on cross references to previous national planning policy made within the Core Strategy.

Supporting documents

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