Progress on the new Local Plan

Shaping Elmbridge - a new Local Plan

We are working on a new Local Plan to shape how Elmbridge is developed in the future. This long-term plan for the borough must respond to the shortage of new and affordable homes as well as ensure that future development happens with the necessary infrastructure (roads, health facilities and school for example) while protecting the environment.

For more information on the Local Plan, please read our frequently asked questions.

The new Local Plan will replace the existing Local Plan (the Core Strategy 2011 and Development Management Plan 2015).

We have also prepared a timetable that explains when we will consult on the plan, when it will be examined and when we hope to adopt the plan. This is called the Local Development Scheme 2019-2022. The timetable has changed because the scope of the Local Plan has increased to include detailed development management policies.

What is happening now?

The Local Plan vision, objectives and direction for development management policies consultation 2020 is now closed. We will soon produce a consultation statement summarising the results.  

What have we done so far?

We consulted on the Strategic Options, the first stage in the process for developing a new Local Plan and received comments from 3,760 respondents. A summary of consultation responses outlining the issues raised and all the comments received is available to view on the Strategic Options consultation webpage along with all the supporting documents from this initial consultation.

Considering feedback from the Strategic Options consultation, we have listened to residents and have been carrying out further studies and assessments in response to the concerns raised.

We have also taken account of the changes in the revised National Planning Policy Framework published in July in 2018 and the latest version published in February 2019 along with changes to planning guidance.

In 2019, we consulted on the Options consultation which focused on the issue of housing and set out five different approaches as to where new homes could be located in the future. We received approximately 6500 responses. A summary of these consultation responses outlining the issues raised and all the comments received is available to view on the Options consultation webpage along with all the supporting documents. 

Evidence to inform the Local Plan

A list of key evidence base documents that inform the Local Plan is available on the Evidence to inform the new Local Plan webpage.

Previous updates

We have previously posted updates on the website since the Strategic Options consultation. We have now summarised these events and created a brief timeline of national and local changes that have affected the Local Plan timetable.

Have your say

We want to ensure that everyone has a say in the preparation of the new Local Plan. If you want to get involved then you can register on the Planning Consultation Portal

Data Protection (GDPR 2018)

In the summer 2018, we contacted everyone registered on our planning database to check whether they wanted to stay on the database. Many did not reply and so have had to be deleted. If you think you may have been deleted and did not want to be, please do re-register so you can stay in touch. Register on the Planning Consultation Portal.  

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