Get involved in planning

Community participation is a vital aspect in the planning policy process and there is an opportunity to get involved early in the process. We have produced a document called the Statement of Community Involvement which sets out how you can get involved.

Statement of Community Involvement 2018 (updated in December 2019)

Please see the Statement of Community Involvement 2018 consultation webpage to view the consultation documents and adoption statement.  

If you want to get involved in future consultations then you can register on the Planning Consultation Portal

What is the consultation portal?

The Consultation Portal enables residents, businesses and other interested parties to keep up to date and have their say on planning policy consultations. Once you have registered you will be invited to join open consultations and can submit comments and answer specific questionnaires. 

Please be aware that if you choose to make a comment on any consultation, your name, organisation (if relevant) and address may be published on the Consultation Portal and may be viewed by the public.   However, signatures, email addresses and telephone numbers will not be displayed.

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