Call for sites

As part of the Local Plan preparation we would like to know if there are potential sites or broad locations that should be put forward for further consideration for new homes, regardless of where it is in the borough. Please be advised that there is no need to submit a site to us again if you have already done so.

You can submit sites for any type of future use such as employment, retail and community facilities. We will review these sites as part of the next stage of the plan preparation which will include the selection of sites for allocation.

Submitting a site

You can submit a using our call for sites e-form above. Please complete the sections that are relevant to the specific site you are submitting to us.

In order for us to identify the site to be considered, please complete the e-form and upload a site plan (1:1,250 or 1:2,500 to scale) with the boundaries of the site clearly outlined.

Important - before completing the form, please read the following guidance notes:

  • Please do not resubmit sites that have already been submitted in a previous call for sites exercise or Local Plan consultation.
  • We cannot treat the information you submit as confidential
  • Only sites proposing five or more (net) new homes should be submitted
  • Please complete as much as possible
  • Attach an up-to-date Ordnance Survey based map at 1:1250 or 1:2500 outlining the precise boundaries of the site and the part that you think is suitable for new homes (if this is not the whole site area). Without this mapped information we are unable to register the site.
  • Use a separate form for each site you submit
  • Please do not submit sites that already have planning permission for development unless a new and different proposal is likely in the future.
  • Please note that even if we identify land in our Land Availability Assessment and Local Plan preparation as having potential for housing development, this does not indicate or confirm that we will allocate the site for development or that we will grant planning permission in the future.

Deadline for submitting a site is midnight on Monday 30 September 2019

If you have queries regarding our call for sites or the e-form please contact Planning Policy on 01372 474 474 or

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