Make a planning application

This page will explain what you need to do to make a planning application in Elmbridge. 

Steps to take 

Step 1 - Check if you require planning permission and get advice

We offer a number of ways you can get advice and find out about what you can do without the need to apply for permission.

Get advice before applying   

Step 2 - Find the right application form

There are a variety of types of planning application with their own forms. By answering the questions on the National Planning Portal you will be guided to the correct form for your application which you can complete online.

If you don't want to complete your application online you can print a form instead. 

Note that the form below is not currently on the Planning Portal. 

Step 3 - Check what you need to submit

To prevent avoidable delays or refusals, you must ensure that your application submission is accompanied with all necessary reports to meet policy requirements. Failure to provide everything needed, will result in your application remaining invalid. 

View our validation requirements

You may also need to refer to our guidance on  flood risk and sustainable drainage.

Step 4 - Submit your application and pay fees

The Planning Portal has a fee calculator to help you work out the correct fee for your application. Alternatively, you can view the full list of fees on the Planning Portal.

The easiest and quickest way to submit your application is to use the Planning Portal website, where you can make your application and payment online. If you don't want to use the Planning Portal you can print a form and apply by post. 

Other information

Buy a location plan

When you submit a planning application, you must attach a copy of a location plan which meets our validation criteria. You can buy large-scale OS maps from Ordnance Survey or buy a  location plan from the Planning Portal.

Finding an architect

Whilst the council is unable to recommend any architects, applicants may find the Official UK Register of Architects of use. 

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