Homebase appeal inquiry

CD1 Application documents and plans

CD1.1 Plans and drawings submitted for approval

CD1.2 Application documents submitted with the application

CD1.3 Application documents and drawings submitted for the validation of the application

CD2 Additional/amended reports and/or plans submitted after validation

CD2.1: Amended reports and drawings

CD2.2: Additional supporting information to the LPA

CD2.3: Plans and drawings for illustrative purposes only

CD2.4: Third party research and reports submitted in support of the application

CD3 and CD4 Committee report, decision notice and policy related documents [subject to further review]

CD5 Relevant appeal decisions [subject to further review]

CD6 Relevant judgements [subject to further review]

CD7 Other

CD8 Documents submitted prior to the Inquiry

CD9 and CD10 Proofs of Evidence and Rebuttals

CD11 Documents submitted during the Inquiry

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