Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding

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The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) allows the council to raise funds from some forms of new development to help fund the physical infrastructure needed to mitigate the impacts of new development.

We are permitted to retain an initial 5% of the total CIL for the day to day costs of its administration. 80% of total CIL collected is allocated towards strategic borough-wide infrastructure, with the remaining 15% used for more local projects.

The regulations that govern how CIL is spent require that it be used to fund the provision of infrastructure to support the development of the charging authority's area. The definition of infrastructure is broad and includes:

  • roads and other transport infrastructure

  • flood defences

  • schools and other educational facilities

  • medical facilities

  • sporting and recreational facilities

  • open spaces

CIL that is collected is used to fund infrastructure to support development across the borough. We are using CIL in conjunction with infrastructure providers to deliver improvements borough-wide.

CIL Annual Monitoring Report 2016-17

CIL Annual Monitoring Report 2017-18

CIL Annual Monitoring Report 2018-19

Strategic spending process

Most of the money raised through CIL goes towards strategic borough-wide schemes such as highway schemes, permanent school expansions or flood works to support and enable growth. The strategic CIL funds for the council are now allocated through the Strategic Priority Programme (SPP) which will form part of the council's Annual Infrastructure Funding Statement (AIFS) to be published in December of each year.

Discussions have taken place with strategic infrastructure providers to determine the infrastructure needed in the various sectors e.g. education, health, transport, environmental etc., in order to support the growth of the borough and to create a strategic priority programme list. The list creates a pipeline of priorities to enable a proactive and strategic approach toward the funding and delivery of infrastructure.

Applications will be invited for the potential projects on the strategic priority programme list in February each year, which will be reviewed by the Strategic CIL Member Working Group in June of the same year for funding and then agreed by Cabinet, with the successful projects forming the SPP.

The SPP and strategic priority programme list will be reviewed annually by the Strategic CIL Member Working Group and agreed by Cabinet, so there are opportunities for additional priority projects to be added for consideration in future rounds.

If you have a project you would like to discuss being included in the strategic priority programme list for the borough, please contact the team on 01372 474342 or email

Strategic funding round application timelines

The next round, for 2021-2022, for strategic CIL funding will open in February 2021.

For further information about the CIL strategic funding process, please contact the team on 01372 474342 or email

Local spending process

As part of the process, the council also annually allocates the local portion of CIL funds to be spent locally on smaller infrastructure schemes that are required in the communities where development took place.

The council has formed settlement area committees known as Local Infrastructure Spending Boards where local Councillors will decide on how these local CIL funds will be allocated. In the case of Claygate, the local proportion of CIL funds will be passed directly to the Parish Council.

Successful local CIL applications for funding to date have included projects such as capital improvements to state schools to better enable them to meet the needs of an increasing school population, improvements to community facilities, footpath works and countryside access improvements.

Local funding round application timelines

The next round, for 2021-2022, for local CIL funding will open in February 2021.

For further information about the CIL Local funding process, please contact the team on 01372 474342 or email

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