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Comments from residents on planning applications are important when considering any development that requires planning permission and we encourage residents’ involvement in the ways set out in our Statement of Community Involvement. Submit your comment now by following these 3 easy steps:

  1. Review the guidance to commenting on an application.
  2. Select the 'Search and comment’ button above.
  3. Find the application you want to comment on and select 'Comment on this application'.

Please note that any comments you make about a planning application will be published on our website, including your name and address.

Planning alerts

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Guidance to commenting on planning applications

The planning case officer can only refer to 'material consideration' when recommending a decision. Comments that contain 'material considerations' will be weighed in the final decision process according to their seriousness and relative importance. Please see the lists provided of commonly raised items. The lists are not exhaustive and are only provided as guidance.

We can consider

The building

  • Design, appearance and materials
  • Overlooking/loss of privacy
  • Visual amenity
  • Layout and density of the building
  • Loss of light or overshadowing
  • Disabled persons' access

Natural and historic environment

  • Landscaping or loss of trees
  • Effect on conservation areas and listed buildings
  • Nature conservation or archaeology

Impact of the development

  • Adequacy of parking/loading/turning
  • Highway safety or traffic generation
  • Noise, smells and disturbance
  • Hazardous materials

Other considerations 

  • Local and national policies and guidance
  • Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)

We cannot consider

  • The perceived loss of property value
  • Private disputes between neighbours
  • Disputes over ownership, fences or rights of way
  • The loss of a private view
  • The impact or disruption caused by construction work
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Morals or personal views about the applicant
  • Building regulation issues including structural stability, drainage, fire precautions, hygiene and internal space
  • Any alleged breaches of planning control
See how to report an alleged breach of planning control

We will also not consider

Comments that:

  • are anonymous
  • contain offensive, defamatory or discriminatory language   

Comments containing either of those will not be considered when we decide the application and may also be removed from the application case file.

Please be aware that your comments may still be viewable on our website prior to any removal. It is therefore your sole responsibility to ensure you do not include any offensive, defamatory or discriminatory language in your comments as you could be held legally responsible for this in the future.

We have no obligation to consider comments that are received after the formal consultation period has closed. However, officers will normally seek to consider any comments received prior to determining the application. 

Where an application is considered by a planning or sub-committee, any late comments will not be considered if they are received after noon on the Friday before the date of the committee meeting.

What happens after you comment

We cannot acknowledge comments, or respond to questions raised, as we receive such a high number. However, we may contact you for further information.

All comments received in relation to a planning application is public information and will therefore be available for public inspection. Your comments will also be published on our website and will include your name and address.

To keep informed of the progress of an application please refer to our website. Once a decision has been made on an application, it will be possible to view the report prepared by the case officer and the decision notice on the website. These can be accessed on the planning application details page under the Plans and Documents tab.

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