Information about parking fines

  • Penalties can be issued at any time of day or night, including Sundays/Bank Holidays, as some restrictions are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Penalties are sometimes issued because a Blue Badge, Pay and Display ticket or Permit may not have been clearly visible, incorrectly completed, or the details may not match your vehicle. 

  • You must have the correct money to pay from the time you first stop in a parking bay. Going for change after you have parked is not a valid reason to appeal a parking penalty. If you do not have the correct change you can use the RingGo online parking service.

  • To appeal a ticket issued while you were loading/unloading from a vehicle we will require proof of the activity such as a copy of an invoice or delivery sheet.

  • You are not permitted to park on zig-zag markings at any time or for any reason.

  • If you have parked in a time restricted area you cannot move from one bay to another to increase the time you can remain in the area. This includes moving further down a road or around a corner from where you initially parked.

  • Vehicles should always be parked within the bay markings. If your vehicle is parked over the bay markings a penalty may be issued.

  • If any part of your car is parked across a dropped kerb, a parking ticket may be issued. 

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