Changes to Parking Charges – 28 February 2022

At its meeting held on the 8 December 2021, the Council decided to change certain parking charges in town centre and station car parks, and to extend charges to include Sundays. These changes will come into effect on the 28 February 2022 in the following car parks:

Station car parks

Where Sunday charges will apply:

  • Mayfield Road Car Park
  • The Heath North Car Park
  • The Heath South Car Park
  • Station Avenue Car Park
  • Walton Park Car Park 

Town Centre car parks

Where Sunday charges will apply, and charges for the first 3 hours will increase by 10p per hour:

  • Ashley Park Car Park
  • Baker Street Car Park
  • Berguette Car Park
  • Cedar Road car park
  • Churchfield Road Car Park
  • Civic Centre Car Park
  • Drewitts Court car park
  • Heather Place Car Park
  • Highwaymans Cottage Car Park
  • Hollyhedge Road car park
  • Manor Road Car Park
  • Monument Hill car park  

Other than the changes referred to above, all charges for station and town centre car parks will remain the same, including the daily rate and the cost of season tickets.

In village car parks, all charges remain the same and Sunday charges will not apply.

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