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Walton Business Improvement District

Update: 24 March 2020

Dear Walton BID businesses,

The Walton BID Task Group were incredibly grateful to get the enthusiastic backing of businesses to establish a BID at the ballot announced on the 13 March - please see the original news release below.

With our high streets and businesses under increasing pressure due to the COVID 19 emergency the Walton BID has decided to pause and delay the launch of the business improvement district.

Following the YES vote the BID Regulations allow up to a year to commence the BID so we will keep the launch date under review over the next few months.

Businesses are going to require all the sort of support a BID may provide when the time comes but for now we need to deal with the immediate challenges.

There are a range of measures that have been announced to try and ease the burden for businesses. Please check out the latest guidance for employers, businesses and employees via: Coronavirus Business Support

Walton businesses back the BID! 

Businesses in Walton-on-Thames have voted Yes! to establishing a Business Improvement District (BID) in the town centre.
The BID will deliver approximately £1million of new investment over 5 years, as businesses come together to help revitalise and shape the future of the town centre.

Following consultation with businesses of all sizes in Walton-on-Thames, the focus for the Walton BID will be on delivering projects across four priority themes:

  1. marketing, promotion and events
  2. clean and green
  3. safe, welcoming and accessible
  4. and backing business.

The BID Task Group Chairman, Peter Beggan, Assistant Director for New Business at Paragon Asra (PA) Housing said:
“We are delighted that businesses have backed the BID and the positive vision we have to deliver new investment and footfall into the town centre. The BID was developed by businesses for businesses and we believe the BID can build on what makes Walton special while addressing the parts of the town centre that we know need attention.”

Councillor Christine Elmer, Portfolio Holder for Corporate and Community Development at Elmbridge Borough Council said:
“The yes vote to establish a BID is great news for all those who run businesses, live, work or visit Walton. BIDs have made a positive impact across the country and as part of the council’s commitment to supporting our high streets, we were happy to fund the development of the BID. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Walton BID and working together to deliver a more vibrant town centre.”

Joanna Gordon, Managing Director of the Walton-on-Thames Trading Alliance said:
“The yes vote is a recognition of the partnership approach that the businesses, the trading alliance and council have developed over the past two years. We have all worked together to develop the BID and I would like to thank everyone for the hard work, funding and time committed to get the project this far. We believe Walton has an incredibly bright future and the BID will be a great success over the next 5 years.”

What is the ‘Walton BID’?

The BID was developed to build on the work to kick start the renewal of the town centre by businesses, the Walton-on-Thames Trading Alliance and Elmbridge Borough Council.

BIDs are an arrangement whereby businesses come together and decide which improvements they feel could be made in their town or city centre, how they will implement these improvements and what it will cost them. BIDs are financed and controlled by the businesses within the selected area. BIDs deliver additional projects and services over and above those already provided by public bodies.

A task group was formed of businesses from across the town centre with representatives from different streets, independents, nationals and local partners to represent and help develop the BID proposals that were backed by businesses with 77% voting YES.

Declaration document.

Date published: 13 March 2020

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