Use RingGo across Elmbridge

We've lowered the convenience fee on RingGo cashless parking across Elmbridge to encourage motorists to make use of TouchFree parking across the borough.  

If you’re paying to park in Elmbridge, you can use RingGo. Paying to park by phone is quick and easy and means you don’t have to hunt for change or touch a shared machine. 

Why use RingGo?

  • TouchFree parking without having to visit or use a machine.
  • No more coins – you’ll never have to worry about carrying change to pay for parking again. 
  • Extend your parking. If you want to stay a bit longer or you’re running late, just click the extend button in the RingGo app, wherever you are. No need to dash back to your car.
  • No more tickets. RingGo handy reminders alert you when your parking is running out and you can top up too, lowering stress about getting a possible Penalty Charge Notice.
  • No need to hang about in the dark or bad weather. Why get cold or wet when you can pay for parking quickly and securely from the comfort of your car?

Find out more about RingGo.

Date published: 13 July 2021

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