What will you do today?

It’s January and many of us will have hopes and plans to make a change (no matter how small) in our lives. You may be giving up beer and / or prosecco or starting a yoga class. Maybe this is the year you will join a team, volunteer or take up dance? Whatever it is there are lots of opportunities in Elmbridge to inspire you.

Maybe you could;

  • Start training for a couch to 5K run

  • Find that yoga mat hiding under the bed and join a class

  • Give touch rugby a try

  • Support the more vulnerable members in the community by volunteering

We would like to hear from you. Send us your ideas, photos or videos #todayiwill -  tag us on Twitter @elmbridgebc or on Facebook - myelmbridge, Instagram @elmbridgebc and let us know your ‘Today I will….’ and inspire others too! 

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