Tell us why you Love Elmbridge

Tell us why you love Elmbridge? Is it the play parks? Or the outdoor gyms? The sports and activity facilities? Or is it the services for older people? Maybe it’s the community, those who volunteer, those who help you out when you’re in need? The local shops and restaurants? Whatever it is, we want to hear from you. Send us photos of your favourite spots in the borough and help to share your love of Elmbridge with other residents and visitors.

We are launching a ‘Love Elmbridge’ campaign to highlight the wonderful borough of Elmbridge. Through our social media channels (Twitter and Instagram @elmbridgebc or Facebook ‘MyElmbridge’), our website ( and noticeboards around the borough we will bring to you our Elmbridge highlights and we hope that you will tell us about yours. We will also be offering suggestions on outdoor activities and volunteering activities, as well as ideas on how you can help to improve air quality in the borough.

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Date published: 3 June 2019
Love Elmbridge

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