Combatting litter in Elmbridge

As COVID restrictions ease, councils up and down the country continue to focus on supporting the most vulnerable in their community. However, another issue needing attention as we all enjoy our parks green spaces is litter. We have all seen the images of rubbish spread around parks and riverbanks and despite patrols, posters and other communications, the issue of litter is not easing.

In a further attempt to resolve this situation, we are diverting funds (approximately £40,000) to increasing the number of temporary bins in key areas of Elmbridge until June, as well as temporarily increasing the frequency of litter bin collections for the same period. This is your council tax and it is not how we want to spend our already stretched budget but we are left with little option, as we also want to support our residents and allow them to enjoy the green spaces we are fortunate to have in the borough.

We would like to thank all our residents who are respectful of our green spaces by using the bins provided or by taking their rubbish home. We make a further plea to those who leave their rubbish behind to please consider other people, as well as our local wildlife. This will also help us to meet our budget commitments, and improve services for you.

Date published: 20 April 2021

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