Councillors scrutinise proposed expansion of Heathrow

21 September 2016

As part of its assessment on the proposed expansion of Heathrow airport, Elmbridge Borough Council held a ‘Scrutiny in a day’ meeting on Friday 16 September at the Civic Centre on Esher High Street.
Chaired by Councillor Christine Elmer, the aim of the meeting was to investigate and probe all the arguments surrounding the proposed expansion of Heathrow.  Recognising that there could be significant benefits for Elmbridge residents but that these need to be considered against environmental, transport infrastructure and safety impacts, the Councillors heard from a range of stakeholders including Heathrow Ltd, Local Authorities Aircraft Noise Council (LAANC) who updated on air quality and noise concerns, the Council’s Housing Strategy and Enabling Manager and Economic Development Officer, as well as representations from private sector companies in the Borough.
Residents Action Group Elmbridge (RAGE) discussed their views on the proposed expansion of Heathrow with the Councillors at a meeting on Thursday 15 September.

Councillor Christine Elmer is eager for Elmbridge residents to have their say:
“Hearing from the various organisations, groups and Council officers had been very valuable but we still want to hear from the residents of Elmbridge. I encourage everyone to complete the online survey and tell us what you think of the proposed expansion of Heathrow. The survey is available on the Elmbridge Borough Council website until midnight on 30 September."

Commenting on the ‘Scrutiny in a day’ meeting Leader of Elmbridge Borough Council, Councillor Stuart Selleck said:
“It is essential that we as a Council consider and investigate all aspects of the proposed expansion of Heathrow airport and these meetings have provided essential information in order to help the Group with its report.”
He continued; “I can assure residents that we will always work towards what is best for them and the Borough and irrespective of the Government’s final decision that we will continue to monitor the impact of Heathrow on the Borough and hold the authorities to account especially in relation to noise, night flights and flight paths.”

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