Planning consultations now open

We are now consulting on two policy areas of the current Local Plan. These are specific to parking and to financial and on-site contributions from development in Elmbridge.

Parking supplementary planning document

The aim of this document is to ensure that all new developments in Elmbridge provide well-designed vehicle and cycle parking, that avoids issues associated with the provision of inadequate or poorly designed parking.  Our aim is to support both local and national policy in relation to parking. At a national level this includes an emphasis on good design and sustainability. At a local level it provides more detail to developers on parking requirements. We are keen to encourage the provision of good quality designed development by setting out clear requirements and guidance with regards to all types of parking when designing new developments.

Development contributions supplementary planning document

We are committed to providing adequate infrastructure (roads, educational facilities, medical facilities etc.) alongside new development in Elmbridge. We also want to improve the delivery of affordable housing and mitigate the impact of development on ecologically sensitive areas of the borough. The proposed amendments to this document seek to achieve these aims.

The consultation will run from Tuesday 7 January to 4 February. Consultation documents are available to view on our website, and a printed version can be viewed at the Civic Centre, High Street, Esher and in local libraries.

Cllr Karen Randolph, Portfolio Holder for Planning Services is grateful for the continuing involvement of Elmbridge residents;

“This is the first of two planning consultations to open in January. Knowing how passionately our residents feel about planning issues and policies, we are eager to hear their views on our parking and development contribution supplementary planning documents. Just to be clear, these draft documents are related to the policies in the Core Strategy 2011 and the Development Management Plan 2015;  we are in the process of preparing the new Local Plan (which will update both the strategy and the detailed policies)”.

Date published: 8 January 2020

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