New Claygate landmark

Claygate parade sculpture of a pheasant

Visitors to Claygate will be able to spot a colourful addition to The Parade, after the Elmbridge Civic Improvement Fund supported a local street art project.

Enterprising local business The Game Larder, led a proposal to get creative with an existing tree stump outside their shop, turning the bare stump into a hand-carved sculpture of a pheasant – complete with bright coloured-feathers.

This new feature to Claygate’s street scene will enhance the experience of using the village’s impressive range of shops and services, from friendly cafes to colourful florists.

To date Claygate has benefited from more than £50,000 from the Elmbridge Civic Improvement Fund to boost the local high street and support local businesses. The scheme provides up to 90% of costs for a range of projects such as shop front and street scene improvements, marketing and promotion, and town centre events. Applications to the scheme are straightforward and require three simple steps: complete an application form, get three quotes for each element, and secure relevant permissions.

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Tim Oliver, invites residents to view the sculpture for themselves: “The new artwork will provide an iconic feature for Claygate’s street scene and will undoubtedly improve the experience for those using The Parade’s excellent shops and services. This is another example of how the Elmbridge Civic Improvement Fund supports our local high streets to remain thriving hubs at the heart of our communities. We are always happy to consider creative projects like this which benefit the whole community.”

Further information about the Elmbridge Civic Improvement Fund is available on our website at or by contacting

Date published:  31 October 2018

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