More defibrillators installed

Defibrillators have been installed at Long Ditton Recreational Ground, Windmill Lane and Coronation Recreational Ground in Hersham, to add to the ten other defibrillators already installed and available at Elmbridge Borough Council buildings.

In Long Ditton, Gabriella d’Aprano started crowd funding for the defibrillator after a personal situation, when her cousin was saved using a local defibrillator in Australia.

“During the Euros 2020 men’s football tournament, we witnessed the lifesaving benefit of a defibrillator and when I thought of our family’s experience, I knew we needed one on Long Ditton Rec, as so many of the local community and businesses are active there, playing football, running, bootcamp sessions and through the outdoor gym.”

Gabriella continues: “I was so thrilled that we raised £2,000 for the defibrillator so quickly. We worked with Elmbridge Borough Council to have it installed and I am proud to say that we can add Long Ditton Rec’s defibrillator to the circuit.”

Local Ward Councillors, Jez Langham and Neil Houston linked Gabriella to Elmbridge Borough Council to allow the installation to take place.

In Hersham, Surrey County Councillor for Hersham, Councillor John O’Reilly, was instrumental in having the defibrillator installed at Coronation Recreation Ground in Hersham, due to a very personal experience.

Cllr O’Reilly was doing his usual morning laps of Coronation Recreation Ground, when he collapsed. However, two residents quickly came to his aid. They were both trained first aiders and were able to administer CPR while calling for an ambulance. Cllr O’Reilly is recovering well and can be seen most mornings doing his laps of the park. He is immensely grateful to both Paul and Debbie for their life saving efforts.

“I cannot thank Paul and Debbie enough! It was Paul who suggested the defibrillator for Coronation Rec and I was more than happy to fund it and work with Elmbridge Borough Council to have it installed.”

For more information, see our full list of defibrillators on Elmbridge Borough Council buildings.

Date published: 26 October 2021

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