Interactive Elmbridge at War programme

The 'Elmbridge at War' programme run by Elmbridge Museum includes an array of fascinating projects to share local residents’ vastly differing experiences of the Second World War. The projects include:

  • The Blitz in our Borough' exhibition at the Civic Centre until June 2020 which explores the experience of the Blitz for Elmbridge residents. Which significant parts of the borough were Nazi targets? What happened in the immediate aftermath of a devastating raid? How did everyday life change for people in the Borough because of the Blitz?

The exhibition also includes videos on chosen WW2 objects and will be illustrated by free curator talks on 1 April and 7 May.

You will find the following WW2 projects on the museum website:

  • An online version of ‘The Blitz in our Borough' exhibition 

  • 'Hidden Treasures' – Videos of WW2 objects.
    Some of the objects feature in the ‘The Blitz in our Borough' exhibition and others that remain behind closed doors in our archive. The videos explore every inch of the chosen artefacts, inside and out, to paint a more detailed picture of some very special items.

  • 'Memories of War' Oral Histories of Elmbridge
    We’ve been asking past and present Elmbridge residents to come forward with their take on the Second World War. Their recollections, recorded as soundbites, provide a vivid, emotional, funny, captivating, sobering, personal and varied insight into what it was like for some living through the Blitz in Elmbridge.

  • A downloadable Replica Crosslets game for the Blackout
    Taking inspiration from a game set that came from a family living in Molesey, so families can experience this Blitz game at home!

  • Elmbridge War Trail (in partnership with Brooklands Museum)
    Tracking the war effort in every locality throughout the Borough. You will be able to discover in even finer detail how your area played its part and made an individual contribution to the largest conflict in history.

  • The Flight Sergeant Sydney Memorial Project (in partnership with The Charles Sydney Memorial)
    The story of Flight Sergeant Charles Sydney who, as part of the Battle of Britain, flew his Spitfire R6767 over Walton on 27 September 1940, for the last time.

Councillor Janet Turner, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, said: “Elmbridge residents have shown tremendous resilience during the Blitz The ‘Elmbridge at War’ programme reveals stories of hardship but also of incredible courage and paints a very vivid picture of local life during WW2. Don’t miss the exhibition at the Civic Centre in Esher and the Curator Talks to highlight some of the objects on display. The online journey of ‘Elmbridge at War’ can be accessed on the museum website and is equally captivating: you can listen to recorded testimonials of residents who had first-hand experience of the war and watch videos uncovering the stories of fascinating objects selected from the collection.”

For further information about the exhibition and WW2 commemoration projects, please contact Elmbridge Museum at 01372 474 568, email or visit the museum website.

Date published: 12 March 2020

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