Hersham Village Hall to reopen in 2020

Following consultation with Hersham residents in January 2019, the Hersham Village Hall councillor group, made up of Hersham ward councillors, as well as councillors representing community and social affairs, resources and leisure and culture, has considered the responses carefully and has agreed to recommend to Elmbridge Borough Council the reopening of Hersham Village Hall.
Hersham ward councillors expressed the overwhelming wish of Hersham residents which was for the village hall to be reopened.  The responses from residents also made it very clear that, although affordable housing was needed and wanted, Hersham has recently had more than its share of new developments.
Accordingly, at the Hersham Village Hall councillor group meeting on 12 March, it was agreed unanimously to listen to the Hersham residents and to progress the plans to reopen Hersham Village Hall.
The Council will now work out detailed proposals to re-open the hall and report to the Cabinet in July 2019 so that funding can be secured. It is thought this will be a 12-18 month project, meaning the hall will reopen in 2020.
Cllr James Browne, the Leader of Elmbridge Borough Council said;  “Hersham residents have made it very clear that they want their village hall to be re-opened and we have listened to them.”





Date published: 19 March 2019

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