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Outcome of the consultation on the creation of a proposed Hersham Community Council

At the Meeting of the Council held on 5 December 2018, Members considered the outcome of a Community Governance Review for Hersham.

The Council had previously received a valid petition from the Hersham Community Council Steering Group, signed by 731 local government electors, requesting that a Community Governance Review be conducted, to consider the establishment of a parish council for Hersham, to be called the ‘Hersham Community Council’.

At its meeting on 18 July 2018, the Borough Council approved a Terms of Reference for the Community Governance Review (CGR).  When undertaking a CGR, the Council must have regard to the need to secure that community governance in the area under review reflects the identities and interests of the community in that area and is effective and convenient.

The Council also consulted the local government electors for the area under review, together with other interested individuals / groups.  In total, 10,067 electors / interested individuals / businesses etc were sent the Terms of Reference of the CGR and invited to give their views. The consultation took place over a twelve-week period and ended on 23 October.

At its meeting held on 5 December, the Council considered a detailed report on the outcome of the CGR for Hersham.  In total, 632 responses to the consultation had been received, which represents a response rate of 6.46%.  Of those, 43.83% were in favour and 55.70% were not in favour of the creation of a parish council for Hersham.

The Council acknowledged the work of the petitioners in exploring the appetite among Hersham residents for a new forum of local representatives for Hersham.  However, following an extensive consultation exercise, Members had regard to the low numbers that participated in the consultation, with the majority of those not supporting the creation of a parish council for Hersham.  Accordingly, the Borough Council agreed that no change to the current arrangements be made.

What were we consulting on?

Elmbridge Borough Council is required to undertake a Community Governance Review, following receipt of a valid Community Governance Petition.  The petition proposed that a Community Council, to be called the ‘Hersham Community Council’, be created for the Hersham area.

Terms of Reference    
Date published: Friday 7 December 2018

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