Help for those with dementia

Our dementia services team has been hard at work welcoming clients back to our social clubs at our Thames Ditton and Walton Centres for the Community. For over 30 years these groups have provided care and support for clients living with dementia, clients like Simonne at the Walton Centre.

When Simonne joined the clubs back in 2017, it was for just two days a week, but she always enjoyed spending time with the other members, whether they were keeping active with an exercise class, getting creative in an art session or just catching up over a coffee. Both staff and members alike had big fun throwing a party to celebrate her 101st birthday!

Over the last year our groups may have been closed, but the team made sure to keep in touch with Simonne and the rest of our members, through phone calls, home visits and our monthly Smile with Us newsletter, with a range of puzzles, activities and news to keep members busy while at home.  

Simonne has now gone into full time care, but she still enjoys receiving her copy of Smile with Us every month, completing the puzzles and reading up on all the news from staff and members. The team always love hearing from old friends, whether it’s from a carer who’s come in for a support group, or at one of our monthly social evenings, because it is part of our mission to give support to those living with dementia, for as long as they need it.   

To find out more about Elmbridge Dementia Services and the services we provide to those living with dementia, call the team 01372 474 547 or email us at

Date published: 13 October 2021

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