Heathrow update

We know the development of Heathrow is an important issue for Elmbridge which is why we are actively engaged with various groups and consultations connected with the expansion.

With full councillor support, we have made strong representations about the way the expansion consultations are organised and, we have made it clear that Elmbridge will resist any proposals that impact on noise and air quality for our residents. This is clearly understood by Heathrow airport.

Latest updates

You can find updates on our responses to Heathrow consultations on this website:

We have the Heathrow consultation documents available to view at the Civic Centre, Esher High Street,  until early November.
Most recently, we have attended Heathrow airport led workshops on the ‘Compton’ departure route which is used by departing aircraft for around 30% of the year and is subject to an airspace change consultation in the near future.

How can I find out about and report aircraft noise?

If you are affected by aircraft noise from Heathrow Airport, you can make a complaint to the airport directly.

The Heathrow website enables you to fill in an online complaint form and also gives a relevant email address and a telephone number.

You can track flights and view flight paths online using Heathrow's Webtrak.

Date published: 2 October 2019

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