Heathrow expansion update

“Issues around noise and air pollution need to be urgently addressed”; these are the key concerns from the Leader of Elmbridge Borough Council, Councillor Stuart Selleck, as Elmbridge voted against the expansion of Heathrow airport at last week’s Council meeting.

While the Council waits on the outcome of the Government’s national consultation on Heathrow, Councillor Selleck has emphasised the need for an independent regulator for noise and air quality;
“The final decision on the expansion of Heathrow may well take years but the issues of air and noise pollution are current; they are relevant now and an independent regulator needs to be established to robustly monitor and control these issues. We cannot wait for the final decision.”
Councillor Selleck intends to make his views known by writing to government Ministers and through the national consultation run by the Department of Transport which will begin in January 2017. Elmbridge Borough Council is also calling for the Government to support the dispersal of flight paths within the existing corridor to ensure the impact on the Borough is lessened.

On 7 December 2016, Elmbridge Borough Council agreed that irrespective of the decision by Government as to whether or not to expand Heathrow airport or the position taken by Elmbridge, the Council will work in partnership with Heathrow and local community groups to address both the positive economic benefits on Elmbridge as well as the concerns around noise and air pollution. In the opinion of the Council, Heathrow has not adequately addressed the noise and air pollution concerns of its residents nor sufficiently assessed the infrastructure impact on the Borough, such as the road and rail networks.
Councillor Selleck commented; “I would encourage the residents of Elmbridge to take part in the national consultation so that the Government is aware of view on the expansion of Heathrow. Further information will be available on the Council’s website and from the Department of Transport.”

Following the a briefing on the Noise Action Plan 2019-2023 in June, the Council has submitted a response to the Noise Action Plan Consultation.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the recommendations of the Task and Finish Group to Committee?

Page 5 of the Committee Report, which was taken to Committee on 20 October 2016, details the recommendations of the Task and Finish Group. 

The recommendations were taken to Cabinet on 16 November 2016. Please see page 43 of the Cabinet Report

The discussion that took place at Council on 7 December can be viewed on our webcast portal.

The national consultation?

Elmbridge Borough Council submitted a response to the design principles consultation by the deadline of 28 March 2018. There were two parts to the consultation:

  • The first relates to the physical changes on the ground needed to build a new north west runway and operate an expanded airport;

  • The second relates to potential principles we could apply when designing the new airspace required for an expanded airport. At this early stage, we are not consulting on future flight path options.

How can I find out about and report aircraft noise?

If you are affected by aircraft noise from Heathrow Airport, you can make a complaint to the airport directly.

The Heathrow website enables you to fill in an online complaint form and also gives a relevant email address and a telephone number.

You can track flights and view flight paths online using Heathrow's Webtrak.

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