Grass cutting update

23 July update

Grass verge cutting: Our teams have covered the Walton area and started Weybridge. 

Open space grass cutting: this week, our teams have completed Claygate recreation ground, Hurst Park and Hurst Minor and are finishing in the Cobham area, including Cobham recreation ground and Downside.

Next week, the teams plan to remain in the Weybridge area. 

16 July update

Grass verge cutting: Our teams have now finished in the Molesey area. They will be moving to Walton next week. 

Open space grass cutting: this week, our teams are finishing in the Hersham area. Grass cutting has also been completed in Giggs Hill, Lynwood, Waterside and Xcel leisure complex, West End, Stoke and Churchfields recreation grounds.

Next week, the teams plan to be moving to Walton.

9 July update

Grass verge cutting: This week, our teams are continuing in the Hampton Court / Molesey area and will stay in Molesey at the beginning of next week before moving on to Walton area.

Open space grass cutting: Again the teams are finishing in the Molesey area. Grass cutting has been completed in Elmgrove, Lower Green, Esher Green and Vaux Crescent Hersham 

Next week, the teams plan to be in Hersham and Walton areas. This will include Hersham Recreation Ground and other open spaces in the area. 

2 July update

This week our teams are completing verge cutting in The Dittons, Hinchley Wood and the Hampton Court Way areas. Next week, we will be covering East and West Molesey

This week, we have cut the grass at the following locations:

  • Hurst Park - some of Hurst Park has been deliberately kept long in place for conservation purposes
  • Cigarette Island
  • Albany Reach
  • Molesey Hurst
  • Summer Road and the outfields for the sports pitches (eg cricket/football areas)

Going forward we will provide updates at the end of each working week.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

24 June update

This week we have been concentrating on cutting overgrown grassed verges in various locations in the borough.

We are currently cutting in Claygate and are planning to be in the Dittons and Hampton Court area at the beginning of next week and in the Molesey area towards the end of next week. 

In terms of open spaces, we have cut the grass on the Tilt in Cobham today and will continue cutting in the Cobham area tomorrow.

We are still slightly behind schedule but making good progress to catch up. Weather permitting, we should get closer to our usual schedule in early July and resume a normal service by the end of July. Thank you for your patience.

21 June update 

To recap on the situation. We work with our contractor to cut the grass in our many greens spaces and parks, our cemeteries and the borough’s road verges.

This June, the normally great service has been interrupted and hampered by the intense growing conditions, which means we are working hard to catch up. Our cemeteries in particular are causing the most upset among our residents, understandably.

However, through the following measures we are catching up:

  •  An extra team has been deployed to assist our core crew
  • We are prioritising areas such as our cemeteries.

We will regularly update this web page with information on our cutting programme and ask that you check this page for updates rather than reporting issues directly.

We know there is catch up work needed and ask for your patience while we ensure that our green spaces and cemeteries maintained to the standards we all expect.

Thank you.

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Date published: 21 June 2021

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