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Statement from The Leader of Elmbridge Borough Council: #LoveElmbridge #LoveFreeCarParking

In the last 12 weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, Elmbridge Borough Council has been committed to supporting our residents and businesses:  

  • We have delivered 10,813 meals on wheels
  • We have donated £10K to local foodbanks
  • We have accommodated 27 rough sleepers
  • We have made 10,956 calls to vulnerable residents
  • We have issued 1601 business grants to the value of £22.52M
  • And we have suspended charges on all council run car parks.  

Suspending car parking charges in support of our residents, critical workers and businesses has been an important aspect of our strategy to help Elmbridge through the COVID-19 pandemic and while we cannot suspend charges indefinitely, we will continue to offer free parking in council run car parks. This means that while our high streets and parades are re-opening with social distancing measures in place, while they are trying to piece together their businesses again and to recover their client base, Elmbridge Borough Council will support then with free parking in our car parks.
We have been in contact with businesses throughout Elmbridge during the first week of the high street re-opening and I am proud to report that business and footfall has been steady, with shoppers respecting social distancing measures, shopping local and being kind to each other as they shop. As other high street businesses such as bars and gyms wait for Government guidelines on how they can re-open, they can be reassured that Elmbridge Borough Council will support them with advice, sign-posting, digital and social distancing grants and free car parking.
Councillor Stuart Selleck
Leader, Elmbridge Borough Council

Date published: 22 June 2020 

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