Flowerbed competition

Elmbridge Borough Council was delighted to announce the winners of the 2020 Flowerbed Competition at the Weybridge in Bloom AGM on Saturday 6 March, with the Mayor of Elmbridge in attendance.

The Competition has now been running for 10 years with a different theme every year. The winning design is planted in the raised flowerbed at the entrance of Churchfields recreation ground at the beginning of every summer. This year, the competition was open to residents living in and children going to school in Weybridge, and the theme was ‘New decade = new beginning’; an ambitious theme that could be interpreted in many different ways.

Weybridge in Bloom, founded in 2019, worked in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council to promote the 2020 Flowerbed Competition and played a crucial part in mobilizing the residents and local schools. In their first year of existence, Weybridge in Bloom have spearheaded many local community planting events and are keen to develop and support further ‘green’ projects on open public spaces to complement the character of their town. They are always keen to welcome new members and would love to hear from you.

There was a record participation from local schools at this year’s Flowerbed Competition and a high number of stunning entries bursting with ideas. Selecting three top designs was a challenge for the judges as the standards were so high.

A common denominator for all the beautiful entries we received was the importance of protecting our local environment and preserving it for decades to come. The message was loud and clear; advocating the need to face the reality and change our ways to save our invaluable environment, ie protect it or lose it!

The winning design was by Gabriella of Cleves school. To illustrate her design, she quoted the following humbling but truthful message: “The next 10 years will be crucial to the health of our planet. Climate change is a real threat knocking our door and it is not by chance. This flowerbed design embraces the cause to build a more sustainable world and encourage the active engagement of all societies.”
The first runner-up was Lia of St George’s Junior School. The message she wrote to support her design was equally unequivocal and sobering: “I am showing that if we keep polluting and wasting resources, there will be no trees to breathe. We set our future and we can decide to make it a nature-friendly planet or a poisoned dirty planet. There is one right answer. But speaking that we care does not help, we need to act now and in the next decade to set our future. My flowerbed design shows the right and wrong futures. I hope we choose the right one.”

The second runner-up was Tobias of Cleves School who gave a message of hope to explain his design depicting a star: “I got the idea from the stars that shine brightly in the sky. I hope that the next 10 years in Weybridge are happy, bright and prosperous.”

Councillor Janet Turner, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, said, “The quality of entries in this year’s Flowerbed Competition was fantastic. The designs were packed with ideas, colours and conveyed powerful messages. Most of all, they demonstrated how much young people care about their local environment. I look forward to seeing the winning design planted in Churchfields recreation ground in the summer and many Weybridge in Bloom projects coming into fruition for the enjoyment of the whole community. Keep up the good work.”

For more information, call 01372 474568, email leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk or visit our Parks page. . For more information on Weybridge in Bloom, please like their page on Facebook.

Date published: 11 March 2020

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