Enforcement and education

On 20 November, Surrey Police in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council, Surrey County Council, HMRC and the DVLA spent a morning conducting roadside education and enforcement checks. Over the course of the morning, agencies were checking licensing compliance, fuel offences, road tax and speed.

Cars were being pulled over by Surrey Police for speeding if they were doing in excess of 30mph and were given education on speeding and were asked questions to check their understanding. As a result, 21 vehicles stopped which included 20 warned/educated 1 given a driver referral notice. 8 vehicles were stopped and warned/educated as they were not wearing seatbelts.

HMRC inspected 8 vehicles, one of which paid a £540 fine for fuel offences. In this particular incident, it was the fact that the tank of the vehicle was full of Red Diesel which is only to be used in agricultural/site type vehicles as it attracts much less tax. Ordinarily red in colour, it is easy to test for. The vehicle owner paid an on the spot fine, if they hadn’t the vehicle would have been seized. It is illegal to use these Red diesel or Kerosene as fuel in a road vehicle as they must use fully duty paid fuel.

In terms of licensing, Elmbridge Borough Council officers spoke to 2 taxi drivers regarding their licence and 2 vehicle owners for waste carrier checks.
Councillor Andrew Burley, Portfolio holder for Community and Social Affairs, “It’s great to see agencies working together to educate and enforce road users and address key issues in the Borough. We hope to build on activities like this in the near future”.

Borough Commander Dallas McDermott, says, “Enforcement is a key deterrent to addressing crime and anti-social behaviour in Elmbridge and we were able to stop a number of vehicles for a variety of reasons.”

Date published: 6 December 2018

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