Community Infrastructure Levy

We are all aware of the impact of growth and progress on an area and the demands placed on our infrastructure, but the Community Infrastructure Levy or ‘CIL’ can help. Created by the Government in 2010, it allows Councils like Elmbridge, to raise funds from some new forms of development, to help fund infrastructure demands of new housing development in an area.

In the last few years this funding has contributed to the following projects, to name but a few:

  • For three ambulatory blood pressure monitors and one ambulatory ECG monitor in Cobham

  • For the creation of an all weather path along the north side of Downside Common to provide access to play facilities on site

  • For works to add an additional meeting room in the upstairs area of the Esher scout hut, leading to an increase in capacity

  • To surface additional sections of the riverside path in Hersham

  • For repairs to the existing footpath leading from the main entrance to St Alban’s Catholic Primary School, West Molesey

Now is the time for local organisations to consider applying for Community Infrastructure Levy funding. The window of opportunity is 10 September to 21 October 2018 and we would encourage all local organisations who are in a position to help improve local physical infrastructure, to submit an application form.

Councillor James Browne, Portfolio Holder for Planning at Elmbridge Borough Council is a strong supporter of the Community Infrastructure Levy and is very keen for local organisations to submit their proposals;

"CIL funding is a wonderful opportunity for Elmbridge based organisations to make a real difference to their local areas. In recent years schools, sports clubs, voluntary groups and many conservation and local amenity organisations have benefited from awards which have made genuine improvements to our communities. I would encourage any local group with a worthwhile project to apply".

The Community Infrastructure Levy application process is open from 10 September to 21 October 2018.

Please note that CIL funding will be granted for additional infrastructure, and the maintenance of existing roads is not eligible.

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