Consultation on Local Validation Checklist amendments

We would like your views on the proposed amendments to our current Local Validation Checklist. Essentially, we want to make the process as straightforward as possible for you, our customers and for ourselves.

While national information requirements introduce the need for certain documents across country, the Local Validation List (also known as the Local Validation Checklist) is a list of documents that the Local Authority considers necessary to determine applications.

The amount of information required will vary from application to application depending on the proposal and not all requirements on the ‘local list’ will be relevant in each case. By updating and amending the requirements periodically, we hope to ensure both a consistent approach in validating applications and prevent unnecessary delays that might result in refusal of permission.

Many applications submitted to local authorities are invalid for avoidable reasons, e.g. forms not signed or ownership certificates not submitted. Additional information is often required where specific circumstances apply e.g. an area vulnerable to flooding. All of this delays the processing of applications and makes the planning service less efficient.
The purpose of the checklist amendments is to provide clarity, certainty and timely decision making for both applicants and the council by ensuring quality applications are received at the outset. The checklist is designed to help applicants, agents and developers when preparing to submit by providing clear information as to what should be submitted with each application type.

List of amendments/additions we propose making to the existing Local Validation Checklist. Please read this in conjunction with the existing Local Validation Checklist.

Please complete the online survey (it should take approximately 20 minutes) before 16 March 2020 to ensure your opinion is included.

What happens next?

On 16 March 2020, following the end of the 6-week consultation, we will review any comments received. Where they are considered necessary and appropriate, we will make changes and finalise the Local Validation Checklist.

This will then be published on our website and become mandatory requirements for supporting all new applications for planning permission and other consents.

Date published: 3 February 2020

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