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Residents, businesses and community groups in Elmbridge are being asked their opinions on community safety in 2018 to influence the priorities in Partnership Action Plan for the coming year.

The Elmbridge Community and Safety Partnership have published a new survey to obtain the views of residents and businesses on the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour as well as the actual level of crime being experienced.

This is not a statutory survey but it will support the development of the action plan for the Elmbridge Community and Safety Partnership in the coming year (2018/19).

Councillor Mary Marshall, Portfolio Holder for Corporate and Community Development at Elmbridge Borough Council says, “The Borough of Elmbridge is a safe place to live, work and visit. We would like to hear your views on community safety matters as we are always looking to ensure residents feel safe and secure as well as make improvements.  Where issues of concern have been raised, Elmbridge in partnership with the police have taken a proactive approach to resolve these problems, for example the PSPO in Walton-on-Thames. The results of this survey will inform and influence the work that the Elmbridge Community and Safety Partnership will undertake in 2018/2019, so please make your views count by returning our survey.”

This survey will run from 23 February to 19 March 2018. A summary of the results will be put onto the Elmbridge Borough Council website in April 2018 along with our updated Partnership Action Plan.

Please tell us your views by completing this short online questionnaire.

If you have any community safety issues or would like any further general information, please contact Elmbridge Borough Council on 01372 474399 or email communitysafety@elmbridge.gov.uk

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