Be our independent voice

Elmbridge Borough Council is looking for two volunteers who can help the council maintain the highest standards of audit scrutiny.

Sarah Selvanathan, the council’s Strategic Director and Deputy Chief Executive, stresses the importance of the Independent Member role: “Our Audit and Standards Committee has for several years, been comprised of not just elected councillors – but also people appointed specifically for their skills and expertise in other areas. Crucially, these people have no political axe to grind and can bring an informed and independent perspective to the work of the Committee.  We’re looking for respected individuals who can work with us to maintain and improve the quality of our decision-making processes.”

This is an unpaid position but one which carries public responsibility. What sort of person would fit the bill? Experience in auditing or financial procedures would be an advantage, as would knowledge of local government and the need for propriety in the public sector.  

To ensure your voice is truly independent you should have no connection with the council’s political groups or be a close friend or relative of a Member or officer of the council. 

To find out more about this role and to make an application, please contact the Monitoring Officer (Head of Legal Services) on 01372 474192. Email Closing date for applications is 3 January 2020, 5pm.

Date published: 22 November 2019

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