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Antisocial behaviour week

We are pleased to report that for the year to date (April to July 2019) antisocial behaviour (ASB) reports in Elmbridge to Surrey Police are in reduction compared to the same period in the previous year by a whopping 171 recorded incidents. That’s at least 171 fewer victims.

In July, we celebrated the great work we do in collaboration with our partners to tackle ASB which has a huge impact on the lives of individuals and our local communities. In Elmbridge, we held 7 engagement events and 1 enforcement operation which ranged from raising awareness of county lines to visiting ASB hotspots in the Borough. All this was done in what was a very hot week!

Force Lead on ASB, Superintendent Graham Barnett, said: “The Surrey Police ASB team, along with all our borough teams and partner agencies, work hard to deal with antisocial behaviour on a daily basis - it’s part of our core business.  The annual ASB Week gives us the opportunity to highlight the work we do to protect people and communities from those who think it’s OK to behave in a threatening, aggressive and antisocial manner.”

Surrey Police ASB Manager, Jo Grimshaw, said: “The impact of antisocial behaviour on people’s daily lives should never be underestimated. We are working with all our partner agencies to highlight the psychological and physical harm suffered by victims of antisocial behaviour. It is crucial to listen to victims, keep them informed of what is happening with their case, and to understand that it is the level of the harm caused by the behaviour, and not the amount of incidents reported, which shapes the way we deal with the issue.’’

Antisocial behaviour will most likely affect everybody at some point, and some may think nothing of it, but if it is has an impact on you, please do not suffer in silence.

Date published: 8 August 2019
Feel safe anti-social behaviour noticeboard
Image of Community Safety Officer and Police Officer in Churchfields Recreation Ground

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