Lost and stray dogs

If you have lost a dog

We do not have a dog warden, but we use a dog collection service that can collect stray or lost dogs and take them to a registered kennel. If you have lost your dog, telephone Customer Service on 01372 474474 who will take your details and ask the dog collection service to contact you direct.

If your dog has been collected you will have to pay:

  • a statutory fee of £25

  • collection cost of £75

  • any relevant veterinary bills and kennelling charges.

Micro-chipped dogs are usually returned directly to their owners for a fee of £40.

If you have found a lost or stray dog

If it is within the Elmbridge area, the dog must be secured and be easy to collect or the dog collection service will be unable to assist. Please call Customer Services on 01372 474474 who will take your details and ask the dog collection service to contact you direct.  

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