Scrap metal dealers

Anyone trading as a scrap metal dealer in the Borough (including operating a site or acting as a collector) must hold a licence. As of 1 December 2013 it is an offence to carry on a business without the relevant licence.

There are two types which can be applied for:

  • Site licence - £407
    This is required if an operator has a site/s in the Council area. The site licence also allows the operator to both collect and move scrap in that same Council area.

  • Collector's licence - £265
    This is required by all persons collecting scrap (including door to door collectors) in a Council area that do not already hold a site licence. Please note that a collector's licence only applies to one Council area. This could mean that a collector will hold several different collector licences.

  • Variation - £104
    This is required for changes on a site licence of: the licensee's name; location of authorised sites or site manager.

You cannot hold both a site and a collector licence in one council area.

If you are operating or intend to operate a scrap metal business in Elmbridge you will need to apply.

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