Elmbridge Smoothie Bike

The smoothie bike is a mountain bike with the addition of a blender attachment which allows the rider to make a smoothie whilst stationary on the bike.

How to book

Contact Leisure and Cultural Services to reserve and arrange payment.

Rates of hire

Type of organisation  Hire fee per 1 day or part of day   Hire fee per day for 2 to 5 days  Hire fee for weekend Friday to Monday 
Rates of hire
Elmbridge Schools  £20   £15    £30
Schools from OthersAreas  £40  £30   £60
 Local Authorities  £60  £50  £100
 Other  £80  £70  £140


Who can use the bike?

The bike is fairly large. Children aged 6 upwards can usually reach the pedals and handle bars. Smaller children find their reach is not long enough and get frustrated when they can't pedal the bike.

How do I use it?

Full instructions are included with the bike. In short, lift the bike on to the stand, choose your fruit, get on the bike, pedal and then enjoy drinking the smoothie.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the blenders are clean, we strongly advise that you wash the blenders yourself before use.

How do I get the bike to my event?

Collect it from the Council offices between 9am and 4.30pm  Monday-Friday.

Will my car be big enough?

The bike is 7 foot long (longer than a normal bike). It is easy to detach the front wheel (first detach the brake). It is still a big bike. It fits into large cars if you fold the backseats down. Please ensure that you are capable of lifting the bike in to the car yourself.

What do I do when the event is over?

Wash the blenders as soon as you can - you will make your job so much harder if you leave it. Wipe down the blender attachment and bike to remove sticky fruit residue or mud. Return the bike to the Council office in Esher.

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