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Virtual Play Day 2020

We hope you were able to join us for our Virtual Play Day last August.

Due to current government guidance about social gathering and physical distancing, big play events have been unable to run and we were not able to organise our annual Elmbridge Borough Council Play day event for 2020. 

Throughout the year we have been encouraging families to celebrate play at home and we have therefore left the activities available for you to access whenever you want.

These are the fun activities we shared

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Dance with Outside the Box  

Outside the Box (OTB) have taken part in many events organised by the council and have hosted many workshops for the Shout! holiday activities. They offer children of all ages and abilities a new way of expressing themselves! They deliver high quality dance workshops for children in Elmbridge and further afield. Children just pick a dance style and OTB does the rest! Why not try them out today as many times as you like! 

Watch out on the Shout! Facebook page and Instagram for the ‘live’ session. 

Resources you may want to collect

  • Comfortable shoes/trainers 
  • Make pom poms out of newspaper rolled up and tissue/ribbon streamers.


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Make a racket with Bantu Arts Drums

In East Africa, drums were used for alert, song and story to bring alive village life and traditional ceremonies within the community. With the videos, children have the chance to have a go at drumming with Bantu Arts, explore other African music instruments and look at wonderful bright and colourful African arts and traditional dress. 

Resources you may want to collect

  • Comfortable shoes/trainers for dancing 
  • Make a drum - an upturned bucket/waste paper basket/saucepan
  • Colourful clothing to dress up in



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Surrey Libraries children's activities

and if you are feeling in a creative mood, why not try to:

If you enjoy these activities, check out our Surrey Libraries YouTube Channel for more fun and games!   

Also don’t forget to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge 2020. This year is all about the Silly Squad and there are activity sheets available for you to do:

Visit the Surrey Libraries website to sign up to become a member or view their catalogue, renew and access all their digital resources.

Resources you may want to collect

  • Print out activity sheets
  • To make a caterpillar - scissors, black paper, pencil, black felt pen, glue stick, googley eyes, A4 green and red paper and A3 green paper.
  • Lego

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Little All Sports

Little All Sports is offering a multi-sports programme of sports activities that promotes girls and boys of pre-school age (18 months to 4) to get actively involved in movement and games. The programmes are age specific and action packed allowing development from basic jumping, catching, throwing, hitting, kicking, rolling and balancing by learning a variety of different sporting skills which children can develop through having fun with mini sports of netball, football, cricket, circuits, and gymnastics and much more


  • Comfortable shoes
  • An open space
  • Balloon
  • Football
  • Something to use as skittles (plastic bottles, cones)
  • Hopscotch mat (design your own with chalk and tape)

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Sports 4 Stars

Sports 4 Stars offers preschool movement and sports classes for 18 months to school age. Activities include movement games, throwing and catching, football, tennis and uni-hoc. Classes are led in a fun and relaxed way to ensure all children achieve something every session, however big or small. 


  • comfortable shoes/trainers


Elmbridge Borough Council Tennis

Have a go at playing tennis with Elmbridge Parks Tennis. Elmbridge Parks Tennis provides tennis in your local community for players of all ages and abilities with our free Parks Tennis Pass or coaching with our Partnered Park Coaches. Head outside and discover tennis.

Find out more about kids and adult tennis courses available with Parks Tennis

You can find tennis activities at the LTA Youth Activities Hub


Children and Family Health Surrey

CFHS Health Visitors, School Nurses and Nursery Nurses are sharing ideas on how you can keep healthy by eating less sugary foods and drinks, try to eat more fruit and vegetables and remember to brush your teeth.

For advice please CSH Surrey

Meet the team from CSH Surrey

Follow CSH Surrey on Twitter

Follow CSH Surrey on Facebook

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Get messy with natural crafts 

Come and join Hannah from the Elmbridge Countryside Team to create crafts with things you can find in your garden, the park or woodland. Collect some leaves while you’re out and about to do some leaf rubbing with wax crayons and build your own mud kitchen.

There are many other outdoor craft and activities available that you can try during the holidays:


  • leaves, wax crayons, paper
  • leaves, sticks, cones, paper, paint, paint trays
  • mud (top soil and water, bowl/bucket, old kitchen utensils.


Elmbridge Museum discovery activities

Elmbridge Museum invites you to do 2 different activities for Play Day but they have many more available on the  Museum website

  • Horrible head craft:take a look at the video to learn how to create your very own horrible head! This craft is inspired by the horrible head (shown below) that used to belong to Chertsey Abbey and even helped to build the foundations of one of Henry VIII’s Royal Palaces! Now it is part of our collection at Elmbridge Museum. 
  • Find out the history behind the horrible head
  • Watch Horrible Head Craft
Resources to collect - Piece of cardboard, a picture of the Chertsey Abbey head (either printed out of digital), kitchen roll, PVA glue, pencil, felt tip pen, paint brush, glue spreader and scissors.

  • Tudor Hat craft: make your own fantastic Tudor hatto wear.
Resources to collect - 2 pieces of A3 card, pencil, scissors, glue stick, sticky tape, stapler or double sided sticky tape, ruler, 2 circular templates (dinner plates would work for this - 1 smaller that the other for the rim and top of the hat).

More Museum crafts to do at home:

Discover Elmbridge's past with Elmbridge Museum's exciting new range of online crafts and worksheetsThemed activities include:

  • The Romans: Make your own Roman mosaic / Make your own Roman brooch / How to wear a toga / Become a detective in Roman Times / Roman Toys
  • The Tudors: Henry's Perfect Palace / A Royal Invitation / Tudor colouring sheets / Make your own pomander / Make your own Tudor sweets
  • The Victorians: The Victorians and their confusing clothes / The hidden history of Victorian servants / Make your own Punch and Judy puppets / Make your own Victorian Hat / What the Victorians did for fun.
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